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Identifying the Secretaries role, the importance of time management and delegation. Explore the establishment of a support network for Centre Secretaries and the development a Critical Information Checklist.

[5:30 PM] Session 10 – Secretaries Support 

Delivering a weekly Little Athletics Centre competition requires a large volunteer base to have a basic understanding of the appropriate working model for each Little Athletics event.

To be able to assist athletes to perform the basic athletic skills and to identify some common technical faults, along with officiating the events, these are the fundamentals that are essential for our Centres to provide their programs, effectively and efficiently. Our focus is to upskill Centre helpers, we will explore the resources that are available to achieve these goals.

[6:30 PM] Session 11 – Teaching Athletic Skills & Officiating Resources for Centres 

Utilising parents to evenly spread the load. Hear from two Centres about their experience in implementing a roster. What platforms are available and are they easy to use? Is the term ‘duties’ a deterrent, let’s explore what could be more enticing/rewarding.

[8:00 PM] Session 12 – “The same people help out every week” Implementing a plan