May 6, 2020 Announcements / ourCentre 1 Comment

We hope you, your families and your communities are managing during this difficult time. We recognise the importance of athletics in many people’s lives and hope when the time is right we can return to athletics in our community.

The OneAthletics project has been operating in the background during this time and work continues to progress towards developing a strong proposal to unite Athletics Australia and Coles Little Athletics Australia.

With the opportunity to reschedule the pathway to unite into one organisation we are excited to present an updated OneAthletics timeline.

This timeline aligns the project work to key phases anticipated by federal and state government advice in moving away from the social distancing restrictions.

We recognise governments will move at different paces when winding back restrictions. Because of this, we are looking for those who want to engage with the project in small groups through technologies such as video conferencing. This will not replace face-to-face forums with larger groups which we will be returning too once restrictions allow. We believe much can be discussed through these smaller digital forums and your input is important.

We haven’t programmed dates in the OneAthletics timeline because it’s not clear when we can progress to a point where appropriate engagement and forums can occur. Instead, we have locked in minimum days between phases. These will ensure there is adequate time to share key milestones with you and make changes where there is agreement for improvements. Once it becomes clear that phases can be progressed, we will release draft dates for each milestone.

We would love to stay connected but understand it is a challenging time at the moment.

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