Conference 2023


LAVic CEO Anthony McIntosh formally opens the 2023 Conference and provides an overview of the 23/24 season ahead.

[5:30 PM] Session 1 – LAVic Looking forward to Season 23/24

An update on the upcoming State/Region Competitions, Rules, Regulations and related topics.

[6:45 PM] Session 2 – Competition Outlook – Region & State

An overview of the Education calendar for 23/24 Season, including proposed calendar and new initiatives. Review of new and upcoming resources being made available to assist volunteers and Centres.

[8:00 PM] Session 3 – Education outlook for the 23/24 Season


An open discussion on tips for running a more efficient and effective weekly Centre meet. Guest speakers from a couple of Centres will explain what works well at their Centre followed by a Q&A session and general discussion.

[5:30 PM] Session 4 – Competition Outlook – Centre Level

Full 60 minutes interactive workshop about inclusion in Little Athletics and modifying events for athletes.

[6:45 PM] Session 5 – Little Athletics Australia Inclusion Workshop

Overview and learnings from this season’s National Marketing Campaign. Also, Insights into next seasons National Marketing Campaign.

[8:00 PM] Session 6 – National Marketing Campaign


How does your Centre engage with adult / guardians that are reluctant to volunteer? Hear and discuss tools and techniques to get them involved.

[5:30 PM] Session 7 – Fostering a great social atmosphere for adult guardians at your Centre

On-Track expert John McCall will provide Centres with an overview of LAVic’s premier fundamental motor skills program for our youngest Little Athletes, and the value the program can add to your families.

[6:45 PM] Session 8 – On Track: The fundamentals of Little Athletics

LAVIC observations of processes that commonly need revision at Centre level and how to go about addressing them.

[8:00 PM] Session 9 – Committee Processes – Rules, Complaints, Life Members & more


Victoria’s updated Child Safe standards came into effect on 1st July 2022. This session will provide Centres with an overview of those changes and implications for Centres.

[5:30 PM] Session 10 – Creating a culture of child safety at Little Athletics – Child Safe Standards

As we move forward with technology from the CLASSIC module to the GAMEDAY module be shown an overview of the LAVic member management system including help topics and access customised video resources.

[6:45 PM] Session 11 – GAMEDAY – Member management system

Your essential preparation for the lead-up to season 23/24: The session covers program / calendar set-up, printing recording sheets for competition days, nominations for visiting members, entering results, using Race-HQ and Competition HQ. Essential for new administrators, registrars / results recorders.

[8:00 PM] Session 12 – Timing Solutions – Member Results System