Conference 2022


LAVic CEO Anthony McIntosh formally opens the 2022 Conference and provides an overview of the 22/23 season ahead.

[5:30 PM] Session 1 – LAVic Looking forward to Season 22/23

What is the role of the Secretary at your Centre? This session aims to clarifying the Secretary’s role within a Little Athletics Centre, and covers. The importance of time managing, delegating and knowing your support networks. Hear from Brimbank Centre Secretary Tamara.

[6:45 PM] Session 2 – Secretary Support

An overview of the Competition & Education calendar for 22/23 Season. Updates to the Competition Rules and Regulations for the season ahead.

[8:00 PM] Session 3 – Competition & Education outlook for the 22/23 Season


Building your Centre’s social media profile: creating content and content plans. Analysis of Little Athletics social media data and analytics. Interview with Cranbourne and Maryborough committee members about how they manage their Centre’s social media pages.

[5:30 PM] Session 4 – Maximising Social Media Tools

How do you engage and communicate with your Trial Athletes? Attracting new members to compete in Trials. Converting Trial Athletes to full financial Members. What did the end of season survey advise? Using data from the 2021-22 membership survey. Hear from a Centre perspective.

[6:45 PM] Session 5 – Trial Athletes 

What is each age group getting for their membership? Discussing the 2021-22 membership survey results. Why do kids want to come back to your Centre? Hear from Warragul and Collingwood Committee members about how they retain their members.

[8:00 PM] Session 6 – Retaining Members


How does your Centre engage with parents that are reluctant to volunteer? Hear and discuss tools and techniques to get parents involved.

[5:30 PM] Session 7 – Getting More Volunteers to Help at your Centre

This session will provide an overview of the updated LAVic Regulations & Policies.

[6:45 PM] Session 8 – Regulations & Policies

What is the future of your Centre to look in 3 – 5 years time? This session discusses strategic planning, goal setting and setting a vision for your Centre. Hear Dean (Cranbourne LAC) and Claire (Surf Coast LAC) discuss the futures of their Centres.

[8:00 PM] Session 9 – The Future of your Centre


Hear about the LAVic Digital Marketing program and the new LAA National Marketing Plan – how it benefits your Centre and what Centres can do to benefit.

[5:30 PM] Session 10 – National Marketing Plan

Victoria’s updated Child Safe standards come into effect on 1st July 2022. This session will provide Centres with an overview of those changes and implications for Centres.

[6:45 PM] Session 11 – Child Safe

The role of Development Officer, Centre Visits overview, observations & insights, and planning for next season.

[8:00 PM] Session 12 – A Visit from LAVic’s Development Officers


Provides Centre committee members the opportunity to recap and re-watch any sessions they missed from the Conference so far.

 Session 13 – 2022 LAVic Conference Recap


Coles Partnership update – With key topics of national partnership to date, season review from a Coles point of view and sharing key dates for Centres in the upcoming 22/23 season.

Session 14 – Coles Partnership Update