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Step 3 – Online Affiliation

In order to receive (by email) the link to Section 2, Section 1 (step 1 & 2) must be have been completed.  Section 2 will include providing/confirming the following information via an online form:

  1. Bank details applicable to the Centre (Name,BSB, Account Number).
  2. Centre executive details (name, email, phone) – President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar.
  3. Primary contact for Centre enquiries (daytime phone) – this will be the contact person listed on the LAVic website: Centre contact. Email enquiries by default will be sent to your Centre email address.
  4. Applicable party who you hire the track from (eg council / school etc) – this will assist the office to prepare a certificate of currency /evidence of your public liability insurance once available from LAA (Sep 1 onwards)
  5. Agreeing to the LAA standard events table.
  6. Additional questions included are: confirming: will you host an Open Day, participcate in XC, providing an approx date for your AGM, require members to identify whether they wish to vote in your AGM.

Step 4 – Affiliation payment

On completion of the online application (Section 2) an invoice for payment will be emailed. Invoices will be based on your 2018/2019 registration numbers:

  • less than 150 Members -$55
  • more than 150 Members -$110