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This section includes updating your registration record with LAVic and the completion of the fee template in order for registrations fees to be prepared for season 19/20 – once both items have been completed the link to affiliate will be sent to your Centre email. Links/Downloads for Step 1 and Step 2 can be found below.


Step 1 – Centre Profile

Please login to your Centre profile to update item below (with your Centre login details) via: https://memberdesq.sportstg.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=login&OrgID=3662

If you do not know your credentials a reminder in available on the link above to send details to your Centre email account.

Items listed in red please leave as they are, items in black should only be altered if required. Items listed with an asterisk (*) are a required field.


  • First Name / Last Name (DON’T CHANGE)
  • Address* (this is the Centre postal address for mail)
  • Phone – at minimum 1 contact (this is the contact for the Secretary) *
  • Email (DON’T CHANGE)
  • Access Login (Password only can be changed)
  • Secretary Name*
  • Normal comp days*
  • Distance of Track*
  • Comp Venue, Name and Address (this is the location of your track) *
  • Centre Website (DON’T CHANGE)
  • Incorporation Number (only complete if blank) *
  • 1st Rego/Info Day*
  • 2nd Rego/Info Day
  • Summer Comp Start Date*
  • Summer Comp End Date
  • Weeks of Centre Competition – Season 19/20*
  • Track Surface*
  • Disabled Access at Centre*
  • On Track (Yes/No)*
  • Mailing List (DON’T CHANGE)

Step 2 – Fee Template

Complete and submit your registration fee type template before August 9th

  1. Centres (where Clubs have the same fee value – if applicable) or
  2. Centres with Clubs (where ‘Clubs’ have a different total value at each Club)


All Centres are required to complete one of the fee templates above, the first option (purple) will apply to 95% of all Centres, if you need clarification on which to use please contact the office.

Once the above has been completed, a link to complete Section 2 (will be sent to your Centre email address)