Session 6 – Succession planning for committee members

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About this Session

How to successfully establish a committee hand over process by determining clear role descriptions, expectations, processes and documentation. This session will focus on the importance of a good handover, where to find support and what to do when there is no handover.

Session Summary
  • Succession planning for committee members
  • Key committee roles
  • Key Centre positions
  • Expectations and role descriptions
  • Committee member ‘burn out’
  • Minimising committee ‘burn out’
  • Clear Centre documentation
  • Rolling Centre committee structures
  • Creating an ‘induction pack’
  • Evolving our sport for the future, through effective committees
Additional Resources
Session Presentation
Position Descriptions
Committee Meeting Minutes - Sample Template

Speakers: Debbie Baskin, Julie Green, Taylah Perry

Released: 19th August 2020

Duration: 24:41

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