Session 2 – Centre Planning to Maximise Parent Resources

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About this Session

Understanding your Centres strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to identify and set goals for the following season – use these goals to establish the relevant Calendars, timetables and parent rosters.

Session Summary
  • Centre Planning to Maximise Parent Resources
  • What is a S.W.O.T analysis?
  • Identifying & setting goals for the season ahead
  • Centre Competition Programs
  • Parent Duty Roster
  • Centre Handbooks – what to include?
Additional Resources
Session Presentation
2020 Centre Level Standard Events Table
Field Event Implement Specs 2020-21
Hurdle Specifications - Season 2020-21

Speakers: Debbie Baskin, Shane Bertrand, Taylah Perry

Released: 17th August 2020

Duration: 29:50

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