Registration Fee Template

Centres are encourages to complete and submit their fee templates as part of the Affiliation process. Fee templates once completed should be saved in the following format: (yourcentrename)fees21-22 & returned by Friday August 13th, 2021. Please send to

Completion of the fee template and all other steps included in affiliation are required to open registration portals and accept members.

*This template will apply to the majority of Centres. Centres who provide an early bird fee for members should complete the applicable fee template above for the early bird fee pricing and then another copy for the standard fee pricing. Please label (name field)  & save (file name) the template applicable to the date the fee ends (early bird) / starts (normal fee). If you require further assistance with your fee template for any reason please contact Kim John (03) 9960 8600 or

COVID Safe Official Nomination Season 21/22

Affiliated Centres will be required to register via the LAVic online portal a minimum of one (1) COVID Safe Official (CSO) for the duration of the season.

Centre COVID Safe Official Registration Portal 21/22

The roles and responsibilities of the CSO are set out in the duty statement documents on LAVic’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) web page.

LAVic’s COVID-19 Protocols are determined by LAVic based on advice from Sport & Recreation Victoria and the Department of Health & Human Services (and the equivalent bodies in NSW for Centres based in NSW).

The latest version of LAVic’s COVID-19 Protocols are posted on LAVic’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) web page.

Affiliation Matrix

View the affiliation matrix spreadsheet in real-time to keep up-to-date with how your Centre is going with the affiliation process for the 2020-21 Little Athletics season.