Registration Fee Template

While Centres are welcome to complete and submit their fee templates as part of the Affiliation process, it’s recognised they may wish to delay setting their fees until they are advised of the season commencement date and can finalise their season calendars.

Accordingly, the submission of the completed fee template is not a prerequisite for Centre Affiliation but is a prerequisite for Centres to open their portals and accept registrations

*This template will apply to the majority of Centres.

Return to Training & Competition Protocols

A condition of affiliated Centres accepting registrations prior to commencing their 20/21 season will be the requirement to agree to, and comply with, the COVID-19 training & competition protocols in place at the time of resumption of our sport. The exact nature of these protocols will be determined by LAVic based on advice from Sport & Recreation Victoria and the Department of Health & Human Services (and the equivalent bodies in NSW for Centres based in NSW).

Centres are advised to integrate the protocols into their season planning activities well in advance. As a guide, please refer to the current protocols, which can be accessed here.

Affiliation Matrix

View the affiliation matrix spreadsheet in real-time to keep up-to-date with how your Centre is going with the affiliation process for the 2020-21 Little Athletics season.