Registration Payments

Speaker: Kim John

Recording Date: 15/SEP/2016

Duration: 57:07

About this Webinar

This webinar gives an overview of how to handle Registration Payments through the SportsTG Console. The registration period for a Centre is a busy time and we hope that this webinar will help Centre’s make the time run smoother for everyone involved.

Topics covered are member status’, inactive, online, registration declarations, custom fields, linking members, viewing members dashboard, viewing payments dashboard, tiered organisations viewing payment listings, cancelling an unpaid transaction, cancelling a paid transaction, reporting on paid / unpaid / payments received and settlement reports.

Throughout this webinar, attendees were able to ask questions along the way and were also given time at the end ask any further questions.

Webinar Summary
  • Member Status’
  • Inactive
  • Online
  • Registration Declarations
  • Custom Fields
  • Linking Members
  • Viewing Members Dashboard
  • Viewing Payments Dashboard
  • Tiered Organisations Viewing Payment Listings
  • Cancelling an Unpaid Transaction
  • Cancelling a Paid Transaction
  • Reporting on Paid / Unpaid / Payments Received
  • Settlement Reports
Additional Resources
Session Handout / Summary

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