A Social Media Co-Ordinator is becoming one of the most important positions within a centre as social media is such a powerful way to grow, engage your centre’s audience. Effective use of social media will also support and drive the achievement of many of the centre’s goals and objectives.

In even the smallest of centres the volume of information which could be included in social media means that the role is often too big for one person, so a key function of the role is to build and co-ordinate the activities of the social media team.

The key objectives of any communication plan should include the following:

  1. Build your centres audience on social media of people who genuinely follow and have an interest in your centre
  2. Build the sense of belonging between your centre and its (social media) supporters and followers
  3. Support the achievement of centre goals and objectives (e.g. sell 100 tickets to the mid season ball)
  4. Relay important “operational” information to relevant people within the centre (i.e. under 12 training is cancelled tonight)
Additional Resources
Sample Position Description - Social Media Coordinator - v1.0

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