The Centre committee selects and appoints an appropriately qualified First Aid Officer’s to service the requirements for the Centre.

The First Aid Officer should be in attendance at the venue well prior to the first event and remain until the operations of the day have concluded including pack up.

Centre management committee shall ensure the First Aid Officer is appropriately equipped and attired to provide first aid service.

The basic role of this position is to provide an appropriate level of first aid service to members of the Centre at athletic competitions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Keeping an updated first aid kit, including ice, stretcher and blanket in the first aid room.
  • Providing general first aid to all athletes and officials.
  • Using surgical gloves when blood is present.
  • Keeping an accurate record of all injuries in a recording book.
  • If in doubt over an injury don’t move the athlete but call an ambulance and parents ASAP.
  • Keeping your first aid certificate current and also any members who have a current certificate on record.
  • Report to Centre management with recommendations of any hazardous situation / conditions.
Additional Resources
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