Before you plan an event there are some questions that you will need to define and answer:

Why have an event?

It is important that the Management Committee are clear about why the event is being held and what the centre aims to achieve from such an event.

Why is the event being held?

What does the centre want to achieve by holding the event?

The event could have a number of desired outcomes, which may include:

  • To provide an avenue for competition for all levels of players
  • To promote Little Athletics to newcomers
  • To give benefits to sponsors
  • To obtain media coverage for your centre

Who is the event for?

The second question that the Management Committee must address is, who is the event for? Is the event for:

  • Centre or association members/non-members
  • Competitors
  • Spectators
  • Supporters
  • Sponsors
  • Media

Once this has been answered, the event can be planned with the target group in mind.

Where and when?
Once the above three questions have been answered the Management Group need to address where and when the event will be held.

Deciding Tournament Events
It is vitally important when planning a tournament to consider carefully:

  • DATES available
  • VENUE available, match and practice
  • EVENTS to be conducted
  • MAXIMUM number of events a player may enter

All venues and their facilities should be inspected early to:

  • Ensure sufficient space to cater for planned events/entries
  • Identify repairs and maintenance to be completed
  • Ensure adequate facilities for athletes, catering, etc
  • Volunteers
  • Experienced volunteers should be approached early for assistance
  • Consider training inexperienced younger people to take over roles in the future

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