Publicity has a part to play in all local centre or association administrations. It can help in the following ways:

  1. Informing people about the club/centre or association activities
  2. Focussing attention on special events and programs
  3. Raise public support; particularly useful when a club/centre or association is raising funds
  4. Making the club/centre or association better known when the club/centre or association wishes to broaden membership
  5. By informing the public of centre results

One of the best ways to achieve regular publicity is through the local newspaper. There is no substitute for the regular appearance of news about a club/centre or association at a local level.

  • If your State/Territory Member Association has a newsletter or newspaper, make sure to inform them of your initiatives. Radio, in areas where there is a local community radio station, can also be successful in publicising your club/centre or association’s activities.
  • It is recommended that once an efficient and regular contact has been established with the local press it is better to invite the journalist to a meeting, or supply the basic facts and let him/her write the story than to attempt to write it yourself. However, this is not always possible.
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