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Building your Centre’s social media profile: creating content and content plans. Analysis of Little Athletics social media data and analytics. Interview with Cranbourne and Maryborough committee members about how they manage their Centre’s social media pages.

[5:30 PM] Session 4 – Maximising Social Media Tools

How do you engage and communicate with your Trial Athletes? Attracting new members to compete in Trials. Converting Trial Athletes to full financial Members. What did the end of season survey advise? Using data from the 2021-22 membership survey. Hear from a Centre perspective.

[6:45 PM] Session 5 – Trial Athletes 

What is each age group getting for their membership? Discussing the 2021-22 membership survey results. Why do kids want to come back to your Centre? Hear from Warragul and Collingwood Committee members about how they retain their members.

[8:00 PM] Session 6 – Retaining Members